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Treatment beyond tooth
"Treatment Beyond Tooth"
In Tooth Story, we aim to provide the best available holistic dental treatment. This is because we believe every part of our body are interconnected. Therefore, for the benefit of our patients, we cannot just treat the tooth alone. Holistic dental treatment will not just address dental problem but at the same time paying attention on sourcing for the root cause of the dental problem which sometimes can involve other parts of our bodies as well. In this way we can help to solve the dental problem at the root cause.
Tooth Story
“Tooth - Story”
We also believe our oral health is one of the key for a better quality of life. A better dental health will result in better body health, and better body health will help us to achieve better quality of life, this is why we choose to have the name “Tooth Story”.
Prevention Than Cure
“Prevention Than Cure”
Besides, we are firm believer on preventive dentistry. Every disease happens for a cause, if we can detect earlier, we can help our patient to save money, save time and more importantly, to reduce the damaging effect of the disease to our patient. “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.
Kids' Dentistry
“Kids’ Dentistry”
As we dedicated ourselves for early treatment, we enjoy providing early childhood dental treatment which we understand the impact of the treatment is the greatest.
Mission & Vision
We aim to provide the best holistic/full body dental treatment to every single patient to help our patient to achieve not just better dental health, but also become overall more healthy.
To be the #1 holistic dental treatment providing clinic in Malaysia.

Our Core Value

Holistic / Comprehensive
Holistic / Comprehensive
We aim to treat our patient without just looking into the mouth only but also address into the overall body.
We treat every of our patient by looking into the potential problem that may trouble in future. When we are able to prevent the dental illness that is going to occur, we can reduce the damage of the dental illness to the body. Meanwhile, we also able to reduce the difficulty, duration and cost of treatment by addressing the preventing the problem.
Quality is our first priority for our patient. We aim to provide the best dental treatment available that is more beneficial for our patient. So, our doctors committed themselves to lifelong continuous dental learning in their journey for the best treatment for patient.
Early Treatment
Early Treatment (Kid’s Dentistry)
Children are the future of our society. We indulge ourselve in providing the dental care that help our children to be able to smile better, chew better and grow better.
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